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Next Generation Capsule Filters Designed to Ensure Critical Protection of Ink Jet Printheads and Optimum Digital Printer Performance

The Multiple Application Capsule (MAC) is a self-contained filter assembly designed to meet the ever increasing needs of the digital ink jet printer. This unique capsule will provide a high level of printhead protection and long service life in ink jet applications. Both the standard and UV-resistant MAC filter assemblies offer flexibility in filter media and connector options that allow for easy customization of the product.

Correct media selection can impact filter performance characteristics such as pressure loss, gel retention and service life. The MAC filter offers four high-efficiency (ß-5000 rated) Pall media to meet your digital printing filtration goals: HDC® II, pleated Profile® Star, Profile® II and Ultipor® GF Plus media.

  • Compact Filter Capsule with Ink-Jet-Specific Features
    The MAC filter is designed to meet the digital printing OEM's needs with several key features: a compact form to minimize internal ink volume and waste, an optional UV-resistant housing to prevent ink curing, and an anti-roll design to reduce ink spillage.
  • Dual-Filtration Design
    The MAC filter with pleated media features an integral high-performance last chance filter for the assurance of maximum cleanliness without a sacrifice in pressure loss.
  • Robust Design and Construction
    The MAC filter features a robust, thick-wall construction with integrally molded connectors to serve the needs of OEMs using solvent-based inks. This premium construction, in combination with high capacity filter media will yield a long service life.
  • User-Friendly Connector Options
    A wide range of connector options are available on the MAC filter. For fast, clean filter changes, CPC* quick-release and standard Luer-Lok* compatible connections are available. In systems that use rigid tubing, two available sizes of Jaco* fittings are ideal compression fitting options. In addition, other standard connection types are available, such as NPT and hose barb.
  • All-Polymeric Capsule Construction
    UL-Recognized Housing Material - The standard MAC filter housing components are manufactured using a polypropylene with a UL94HB classification.
    UV-Resistant Housing Material - The UV resistant MAC filter housing contains an additional carbon black filler for protection from UV light.






Dual filtration capability

Can be used as part of a Total Cleanliness program

Maximum printhead protection

Choice of filter media options

Optimized ink filtration

Consistent, reliable printing performance

Opaque capsule option

Offers protection from UV light

Prevents curing of the UV fluids during filtration

No binders, glues or mould release agents are employed

Low extractables

Good chemical compatibility and economical disposal

Anti-roll design and quick release connections

Reduces ink spillage

Quick and easy filter changeouts

* CPC is a trademark of Colder Products Company; Luer-Lok is a trademark of Becton, Dickinson, and Company; Jaco is a trademark of Jaco Manufacturing Company; UL is a trademark of Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Materials of Construction

Filter media

Polypropylene (Profile II, Profile Star, HDC II) Resin-bonded microfiber on polyester subtrate (Ultipor GF Plus media)

Core, housing and endcaps

Polypropylene / Polyethylene

Standard housing

Polypropylene (UL 94HB Classification)


Operating Conditions

Maximum allowable pressure

6.5 barg / 94 psig

Maximum allowable temperature

50 °C / 122 °F



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