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CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) is a innovation in the field of printing technology (inkjet printing), which will make you forget about the cost of consumables, At Harris Digital we are pleased to offer a full range of Bulk Ink Systems to replace ink cartridges in your printer.

A bulk ink system is a system which can supply inks continuously from an external refillable reservoir to your printer. This enables you to refill and use all the ink you buy, it also allows you to run over night without fear of the printer stopping half way through a job because the cartridge has run to low.


What are the benefits of a Bulk Ink System?

Apart from the cost savings, you will find many other benefits of using a bulk ink system, here are a few:

Auto reset chips on chipped cartridges or decoder for always full on control panel.
Cost saving – up to 60% against the originals
Neat and tidy all-in-one design reservoirs.
Installation by our own engineers
Easily refillable reservoirs and tanks.
No low cartridges
No plastic waste cartridge into landfill
Always full on the control panel.
Overnight or long run printing

Bulk Ink Systems

These are many names for what are the same thing, here are some of the names being used – to describe the same thing:

  • Continuous Ink System CIS
  • Continuous Ink Supply System CISS
  • Bulk Ink System – BIS
  • Refill Ink System
  • Continuous Refill Ink System
  • Self-refilling Ink System

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